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10 most tasty desserts from around the world

Cakes, cakes, cakes, puddings, ice cream — it is similar, in each country of the world people cannot do without something sweet after a nourishing lunch (or in any other time of day). Today we will tell about ten tremendous and most tasty desserts from around the world. If some of them it turns out to you unfamiliar — urgently we run in the nearest restaurant or shop and we try to find it! The desired dessert was not found? Well, it is excellent incentive for new travel with a culinary bias!
10. Sopapiyyas (USA)
The name of this dessert, most likely, comes from the Spanish word "sopaipa" that it is possible to translate as "sweet fried dough". He is the bright representative of the whole family of desserts — the fried buns which are dipped in oil — which is very widespread in a number of the countries of Latin America. For the first time sopapiyyas appeared in New Mexico whole 200 years ago. They can be eaten as separately from everything, and dipping in honey that absolutely in a new way discloses their taste. Besides, for giving of special aroma it is possible to strew sopadiyyas with cinnamon.
9. Churros (Spain)
churros we are obliged by the invention to Spain. Today they can be met practically in all corners of the world, including the Korean movie theaters and the American baseball games. Churros represent sticks from the soft test, on a cut very similar in a form on a star and prepared from wheat flour and other special ingredients. It is the best of all to enjoy them in the cold winter evenings when cinnamon smack of these warm buns is especially pleasant.
8. Tiramisu (Italy)
Sometimes this dessert is called "A Tuscan trifle", and as its homeland it is possible to consider Siena — the city in the northwest of Italyin the Province of Tuscany. It is as if aptipody heavy American pie — easy, something the reminding pudding from tapioca or whipped cream. Tiramisus prepare from eggs, mascarpone cheese, cookies ladies' fingers, cream, a brandy, sugar, rum and grated chocolate or cocoa. Now it won recognition of sweet teeth of the whole world.
If you without fail want to taste tiramisu on its historical homeland — in the town of Siena — surely go there! Especially as, except desserts, this city has thousands more of architectural beauty and a culinary delicacy which force to fall in love with it! It is better to armor housing in Siena in advance and to make it it is possible here.
7. Macaroon goods (China)
These cookies initially came to us from China, but now it can be found worldwide. Many Americans, for example, quite often come into the Chinese restaurant only to purchase a box of favourite sweet. Sometimes these cookies are served as a compliment after a nourishing Chinese meal, like a pig or a lobster. Do not confuse macaroon goods to cookies with predictions which came to us from China too — to taste it will give to predictive cookies one hundred points forward. And if to wash down it with milk — that it is better not to find a dessert at all.
Where still to taste these Chinese macaroon goods as not in the capital of China — Beijing? If you suddenly are going to make a culinary trip to China — better to housing in advance that during searches to minimize a language barrier inevitable here.
6. Fruit salad (Central Africa)
There is nothing more usefully than fruit salad and what can be better than a dessert which is even more useful, than a main course?
In Africa there is no accurate structure for this salad, but most often the water-melon without which any fruit salad will not be considered as complete enters it.
5. Pudding "Lock" (England)
Englandcan seldom brag of especially tasty and refined dishes. However, with this dessert British to the yaena did not lose. It is not surprising if some of them are even ready to pass a main course only somewhat quicker to start this warm delightful dessert which is generously watered with strawberry sauce. What distinguishes this pudding from the others, so it is a top ping — not the pudding so affects flavoring receptors, and strawberry jam which flows down on its sides. They were obviously simply created for each other.
4. Pavlov's cake (Australia and New Zealand)
This dessert is very much loved in Australia, New Zealandand England. You will not purchase this cake in shop at the corner or the next snack bar — it is given only at smart restaurants and the most advanced shops. Besides, this dessert is not caloric at all so even the young ladies keeping to diets can enjoy it. He is trained from egg whites and sugar, and the cover of meringues shall be crackling. On top cake is wrapped up in whipped cream, and inside has texture of a zephyr. He moves surely with fruit — strawberry, a kiwi, raspberry or a peach.
3. Baklava (Turkey)
This unearthly dessert is usually connected with Greece now, but for the first time it appeared in the Ottamansky empire in the territory of
Turkey. At that time Greeks and Turks actively exchanged ideas and a culinary delicacy which also baklava was among. For its preparation dough is used fit with which it is quite often difficult to cope because it quickly enough dries. Over numerous layers of dough the kindled oil and the syrup prepared from honey, sugar, lemon juice and orange water pours out. On top nuts — most often, pistachios give all the best.
It is possible to try this dessert, for example, on one of noisy markets of Istanbul — together with thousands of other surprising Turkish sweets which have a taste — just you will lick fingers! The excellent choice of housing can be found in Istanbul here.
2. Chestnut kintona or Creamy candies (Japan)
Usually such candies are suitable for movie theater more, but not for a full-fledged dessert, but for the Japanese creamy candies it is possible to make an exception — too they are tasty. A basis for them is the chestnut with adding of sweet potatoes, sugar, sweet sauce and vinegar. Only chestnuts of a sort which the vyaponiya can find exclusive andSouth Koreaare suitable for preparation of candies.
1. Gulab Dzhamun (India)
For preparation of this most tasty dessert it is better to use corn oil. The main ingredients are flour, milk and it is a little raisin and pistachios. Dough is divided into small balls which in the course of cooking will increase in the amount of — almost like donuts. Only, unlike donuts which can be strewed with icing sugar gulab dzhamuna submerge in sweet syrup. Taste of syrup can differ depending on in what partof Indiayou are. In some states prefer pink water, in others — a saffron or citrus juice. After immersion in syrup it is better to leave a dessert for the night that it absorbed in itself(himself) more syrup. Gulab dzhamun, as well as, for example, pumpkin pie, it is possible to give hot or cold. This traditional Indian dessert can be given on holidays and to eat under sounds of fireworks and music which rattle from all directions.