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Persuade Children to Eat Vegetables


How to persuade your children to eat more vegetables


Raising children is a hard thing that all parents face nowadays. Parents always keep complaining about their children because their children make a lot of problems everyday and they have to take care their children to make sure they grow up well. One big problem that parents face is the difficulty of feeding food to their children. If your children are not picky about food, consider that you are luck because the majority of children are so picky about food especially they do not want to eat vegetables but only meat. However , there are still ways to deal with your children to eat more vegetables if parents use good strategies with their children like we mention below:

Grow your own vegetables:


you can plant the vegetables in your garden or yard and ask your children to involve with the planting vegetables. If children grow their own vegetables, they will know the hard-work of growing it and they will appreciate the vegetables that they see on the table. Moreover, they will value and eat more vegetables that they have grown.

Ask for their opinion:


you can bring your children to grocery stores or supermarkets to allow them to choose vegetables that they like. Sometimes when you feed children with vegetables and they do not like eating it, it doesn't mean that they do not really like it but they just prefer differents types of vegetables. So the best solutions to encourage your children to eat vegetable is to ask them what kind of vegetables they like and cook that vegetables for them. As a result , they will eat more vegetables than before.

Be a role model for your children:


if you don't eat vegetables yourself, how can you persuade your children to eat vegetables. It is impossible to force your children to eat more vegetables if you are the one who always eat meat. So you have to eat more vegetables to set a good example for your children and while you are eating it, you can say that it's so delicious and ask your children to try it.

Pay more attention:


While your children eat only meat and you say nothing to them, they will keep eating that forever. So while they are putting a lot of meat on their plate, you can tell them gently to add a little vegetables to their plate and watch them finish their food. Moreover, you can appreciate them by saying good job my dear when they eat more vegetables so they will know that their parents pay attention.