Eating Manners in China|the popularity of resturants in Phnom Penh

the popularity of resturants in Phnom Penh


Eating Manners in China

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How to eat in China with good manners


Different countries have differents culture and they value different things. The behavior of eating food also not the same in different countries. For some countries , they consider you to keep silent when you eat and others expect you to talk while eating. China is one of the country that has many rules at dining table. In china , they expect the young to respect the old when they eat and let elderly start eating the food first. However,there are more good manners that you should follow if you eat with Chinese people:

Let older people eat first:


when you see the food on the table, you should sit calmly and silently and wait for the elderly to start to pick up the food first before you can start eating. It shows respect to older people and the value to them. Or if they tell you to start the food, you can smile to them and pick up the food and bring it to their plate first. After that ,you can start eating with them.

Don't take the same food:


if you see your favourite food on the table, remember not to eat only that food but you have eat all types of food on the table. It considers rude because when you eat only one type of food, others will not have a chance to eat that food.

Don't empty your plate:


you should not eat all the food on your plate because it shows that you are not feed well at home. You should eat in slow speed and good manners to show that you consider others at the table.

Remember not to leave food around your mouth:


when you eat, you should keep napkin or tissue with you to wipe your mouth after you finish eating. Instead of licking it with your tongue, you should use napkin because it show that you have good manners in eating. More than that, you should not chew the food loudly and try to make little sound as much as possible that you can. If you need to talk, you should wait until you finish all the food in your mouth first.