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the popularity of resturants in Phnom Penh


Chopsticks Rule in Asia

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Some rules of using chopsticks in Asian countries


The way of eating is different from one country to another countries and the way that we eat also represents our culture. Some countries like western always use cutleries like knives, forks and spoons while Asian use chopsticks to eat their foods. However, they also have their own ways of using chopsticks and you should be careful when you are using chopsticks to eat with Asian people. Some important rules of using chopsticks:

Do not lick the chopsticks:


no matter how the delicious food is , you should never use your tongue to lick the chopsticks. Licking chopsticks in front of others consider as a rude and unpleasant things that you shouldn't do.

Never point your chopsticks to others:

hand and chopstick

it is considered as a bad manner to point the chopsticks to others. Asian people are so mind with this kind of behaviour especially when you point chopsticks to elderly. If you want to speak and express your body language, you can put down your chopsticks first in order to avoid misbehaviour.

Never sticking chopsticks upright in the rice:

chopstick cartoon

you should alway be careful the way you put your chopsticks on your bowl because it represents different meaning. You should remember not to stick chopsticks upright in the rice. Why ? Putting your chopsticks upright in the rice means to mourn for dead people. Thus, people pray for the dead with the chopsticks sticking upright in a bowl of rice with the intent that the person can go to heaven without losing his/her way to Buddha.

Never search food on plate by using chopsticks:


when you see food are mixing on the plate and you want to pick up only your favourite food or you want to pick up only meat, you may use your chopsticks to search for the food. However, it is considered as a rude behaviour because using chopsticks to search for food show that you are picky and you are hard to raise.