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What You Can and Cannot Take the Athlete

In these recommendations we want to tell you about the main types of doping, their effects and possible harmful consequences. A separate section clomid for sale is devoted to the acquaintance with the procedure of doping control, the rights and obligations of all participants in this procedure. I hope that the knowledge gained will allow the reader to make a sensible and informed choice in favor of permitted pharmacological means (not dope) and to renounce to performance enhancing drugs. Doping. Why is it so dangerous? As already mentioned, the doping is not the opening of the twentieth century. Its history is much longer than you would expect. Doping existed for as long as there are sports. Apparently, this is inherent in human nature - to try to win the first match to be a winner at any price, often even at the expense of their own health.

In sports practice the drug "Dianabol"- the first of a series of specially designed anabolic steroid with low androgenic activity, was applied by the American doctor John Ziegler in 1958. Since then, new era began to use doping - an era of anaboli-ical steroids. Steroids began to spread like a deadly craze.

No need to take the medicine in the competitive period, and consequently, reducing the probability peptides bodybuilding of being caught in doping; a significant increase in muscle mass and strength in a short period of time and total ignorance about the possible consequences of taking steroid hormones, transformed steroids in doping uncrowned king tools of the twentieth century. In a sociological survey of American athletes, in response to the question: "have You Taken illegal drugs, with a guaranteed opportunity to become Olympic champion, if after that, You threatened death," -50% of the respondents answered positively. Unfortunately, in this respect, our country has reached the level of world standards, and according to some, and surpassed them. The confirmation of this are regular publications about the disqualification of athletes of different sports in the newspaper "Soviet sport" and other publications. Numerous facts testify to a very large penetration of doping in sport, and illegal drugs are not only adult athletes, but also teenagers, which is especially dangerous. Sadly, weightlifting and body-building are the leaders among the sports, the most infected and affected by doping, and for an explanation of this unfortunate fact does not need to go far.

The main purpose and meaning of weightlifting and athletic gymnastics is the constant pumping up the muscles, increasing their strength and volume, demonstrate the beauty dermovate ointment of the human body and the physical capabilities of a person. And, unfortunately, the most easy and affordable way to achieve the intended goal often seems to be doping.